The trifecta of a global COVID-19 pandemic, social injustice against black Americans and a very contensious presidential election make this the most turmultous year of our lives. We had a lot of music spinning as we had the staff "working from home". Our top discs for the year, in order: 1) tunng, tunng presents Dead Club; 2) They/Live, Ablation; 3) B.C. Camplight, Shortly After Takeoff; 4) Car Seat Headrest, Making a Door Less Open; 5) The Leftoutsides, Are You Sure I Was There? 6) SAULT - UNTITLED (Black Is)

Appears that mom jeans weren't the only thing making a comeback this year. Throw on our "2019 or 1980s" tunefilter mix tape and your old school friends will be scratching their heads on how they missed these classic tunes in the 80s. Our top discs for the year: Vampire Weekend, Father of the Bride; Julia Jacklin, Crushing; Montevideo, Temperplane; Palehound, Black Friday; Savage Mansion, Revision Ballads; Graveyard Club, Goodnight Paradise

We mined the "Scottish Americana" (well, some North England in there too) hard this year. Found some of the most infectous pop in recent years. And metal/stoner rock seems to make a resurgence in our playlists this year. Our top 6 for the year: Alexander Tucker, Don't Look Away; Modern Studies, Welcome Strangers; The Essex Green, Hardly Electronic; Hush Kids, Hush Kids; The Dead Tongues, Unsung Passage; The Hanging Stars, Songs for Somwhere Else

Trying out a lot of new stuff here. Our top 6 for the year:

We thought this was a down year for music, but by the end of the year Suicide Songs by MONEY may have carried the year single-handed. Our top 6 for the year:

Not a strong year for good music, but a number of our old favs put out new discs after a multi-year hiatus. Our top 6 for the year:

Not quite as nice of a year for music as 2013. Our top picks for the year:

Wow, we found a lot of great music in 2013 ... and accidentely stumbled in to a new tradition of listening to northern European winter girls (singer/songwriters) during the darker days of winter. Our top picks for the year:

For us here in SF, this was the year of the country crooner as we spun the yodel-happy sounds Bhi Bhiman and The White Buffalo. Our top 6 for 2012:

King Creosote gets our nod for best "slit your wrister" of the year while Case Studies is doing it for us for our lo-fi indie fix. Our top 6 for 2011:

New ones from Sufjan Stevens, Goldfrapp and Belle & Sebastian were bound to show up on our playlist, but we also welcomed Broken Bells, Breathe Owl Breathe, and Jane Weaver. Our favorites:

Great year for music. God Help the Girl not only wins as disc of the year, but is in the running for disc of the decade. The Antlers come out with a brillant concept album. Our other favorites of the year:

Goldfrepp releases their best album to date. Other top albums of the year:

We discover the Great Lakes Myth Society, Great Lake Swimmers and Micah P. Hinson. Top albums of the year:

New releases from Goldfrapp, Sufjan and Belle & Sebastian could make for a good year. Top albums from this year in our book:

The year of Sufjan. Best of the year:

Viva Voce's first dics is a knock out. A lot of chill/downtempo in this years best albums:

New discs from Goldfrapp, Belle & Sebastian and Broadcast set this one up as a good year

The year of Sigur Ros

Strong year!

Not a band year that finds us discovering Mates of State and The Handsome Family

Blur releases 13, IOHO one of the best discs ever released

1997 & 98
BJM and the Dandies are in their prime, Air releases a masterpeice, a good time for good music