End 2014 -  
Case Studies
The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night
sparse, baritoney singer songwriter sings against multi-girl harmonies in our favorite record of the year
Friend Opportunity
most accessible Deerhoof disc to date is indeed a friend opporunity
Mid 2014 -  
The Sun and the Sea
Night Falls
Nicely crafted indie which some hints of fleet foxes rocking it out. (Apr '12)
Inner Classics
Thinking you got your normal girl sings indie pop record here until you hear the first tune (Pray for Surf) and you realize there's something a little deeper with this one. (Aug '12).

Beginning 2014 -


Lily & Madeleine
We've often been accused of liking the "slit your wrists" type of music. Well we may have just found the pinnacle of that style song, in the midst of a pop girl sister act no less. Blue Blades, the close of Lily & Madeleine's second full length is a slow, moody, atmospheric song full of contemplation and as enveloping as the underwater scenes in which the music video was shot in. You just may slit your wrists as you fire up the music video, except you can't take your eyes off the two teenage girls singing the song. Bonus - the rest of the album contains some solid girl-girl harmony pop songs. Consider them pick me ups after you're done with Blue Blades. (Oct '14)
The Landing
We Are
We like well done electro pop. This is well done electro pop. (May '14)