1998 - BJM and Dandy releases have us jonesing to get back to the West coast (not to mention the joys of a Michigan winter)

The 5th Dimension
Up, Up and Away, The Definitive Collection
We had an extra CD to kill in one of those Columbia House deals and, digging the retro cover art of this disc, decided to get it. Now mind you, we vaguely remember old 5th Dimension albums hanging around the parents record collection. But we couldn't place a particular tune for the life of us. But one listen to Up, Up, and Away brought it all back ..... How hot is that tune?

The Dandy Warhols
Come Down
Purveyors of that West Coast Dronepop sound, their tunes are laden with effects heavy guitar, straight up rhythms and some jawharp thrown in for good measure. An added bonus, try to find Joel (BJM tambourine player) on the Dandy's CD sleeve.

The Brianjonestown Massacre
Give It Back
Arguably the best BJM disc, but they were already in the tunefilter Hall of Fame... more

Moon Safari
We hit one of the hipper music stores in one of the un-hipper suburbs in search of either the new Brian Jonestown Massacre CD or this one... more

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
For variety during the work week, sometimes we'll put this one in before OK Computer... more

1997 - tunefilter moves HQ to from San Francisco to Detroit

Ok Computer
Yeah, this made just about everyone's list for best CD of 1997 - but for good reason. Take one listen to Exit Music (For A Film) - as bittersweet as listening to Liz Copeland's 12 - 5am WDET shift while struggling through page 255 of 800 of a boring textbook from a boring class from a degree that will never end (okay, that's enough of a graphic of our weekday nights).

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Thank God for Mental Illiness
This is one of four CDs that BJM released in 1996 in between their club performances / bar brawls... more

Pup Tent
We've been hanging with Luna since their first CD, Lunapark in 1992. Even dabbled with some Galaxy 500, which hasn't paid off too high on the dividends we might add. This isn't their best CD. However, a pretty good Luna CD is better than most group's best CD.

Austin Powers
International Man of Mystery Soundtrack
This soundtrack is as groovy as Austin Powers himself. If you enjoyed the movie, or, like ours, your living room is surrounded by lush green and burgundy velvet floor to ceiling drapes, is lit by candles and a rotating disco ball, and you have spent martini glasses and bottles of wine everywhere, this soundtrack is a must.

Big Night Soundtrack This CD is to Italian food what the Austin Powers soundtrack is to groovy... more

The Apples in Stereo
Tone Soul Evolution
Pure, 100%, power POP! Unfortunately, "pop" has a bad connotation nowadays as it's become a synonym for "popular" - and we all know that popular music is mostly crap! This is the new POP! POP as in happy, catchy melodies with guy-girl harmonies and plenty of tambourines, hand claps and finger snaps.