End 2012 -  
Case Studies
The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night
sparse, baritoney singer songwriter sings against multi-girl harmonies in our favorite record of the year
Friend Opportunity
most accessible Deerhoof disc to date is indeed a friend opporunity
Mid 2012 -  
The Sun and the Sea
Night Falls
Nicely crafted indie which some hints of fleet foxes rocking it out. (Apr '12)
Inner Classics
Thinking you got your normal girl sings indie pop record here until you hear the first tune (Pray for Surf) and you realize there's something a little deeper with this one. (Aug '12).
Beginning 2012 - the stock market is on the way back to pre-2008 levels but the jobs haven't returned as America gears up for another presidential election year.  
Youth of the Beast
Seventy Seven
Very nice debut disc from some SF/LA duo. (Feb '12)
Beth Jeans Houghton & the Hooves of Destiny
Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose
Orchestrated, big, expansive ... we're tempted to file this one under our show-tunes genre folder. Guess we shouldn't have expected otherwise from another strong female lead act on the same label as Goldfrapp. (Feb '12)
Bhi Bhiman
Solid! Lyrical wit crooned out against a playful country tinged background makes this one live up perfectly to the expectations set by the cover art. "what chew talking 'bout business trips, you work at the mall." (Jan '12).
The White Buffalo
Once Upon A Time in the West
The big guy is getting big in SF: We saw him play to ~90 people @ Hotel Utah in March, to ~350 @ Cafe du Nord 3 months later in July, then to tens of thousands @ Hardly Strictly in Oct. His show is killer. Looks like word of that spread quickly in SF. (Feb '12)