End 2000 - After some minor glitches, our new offices are wired to the gill - time to let the music flow

Mates of State
My Solo Project
Wow, where do we start! ...more

The Chicago scene is a bursting out with a fresh new energetic sound ... more

Essex Green
Everything is Green
If you've followed the tunefilter for anytime now, you know we have a thing for those la-la-la singing, Gretch toting, 60's haircut sporting pop bands that chase happy vocal harmonies with heavy on the Fender Twin-Reverb and wah-wah pedal guitars ... more

Talvin Singh
Strong songs in Traveller, Butterfly, and Disser/Point.Mento.B but the rest of the disc does not match up ... more

The Noise Made By People
We liked their 60's styling "The Book Lovers" being placed on the Austin Powers soundtrack, but we loved all the dark, lonely, and moody-edged songs on the rest of the album.

Amon Tobin
Seems like it should be played late in the night but full of that energy that usually comes earlier in the evening. Mystery tinged with melancholy. Jazz laced with breakbeat ... more


Dandy Warhols
Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia
I still kick myself for being dragged out of town and missing the Dandy's play at the World Famous Purple Onion ... more

Mid 2000 - After a long search, the tunefilter finally has their new HQ in SF. Here's what's on the CD player:  
The Handsome Family
In the Air
Songs about death, gloom, the afterlife and midwest icons sung in deep baritone to a country waltz beat. What's not to like about that?

Premiers Symptomes
Moon Safari is so good we need more! Thankfully our fix is satiated with this disc.

Delphonic Sounds Today
Nice concept - get a bunch of new, cutting edge bands to cover some tunes originally created and released in the 50s and 60s.

Beginning 2000 -rainy and gray here in the Bay Area, busy as tunefilter tries to find a new HQ (in SoMa?), but here's what we're spinning:  
This smooth, well produced disc makes for a nice mellow listen, but nothing is beating us over the head with wow.

Daisies of the Galaxy
You might have remembered the Eels when they had a hit single get some airplay on the local alternative stations a couple of years back (in the mid 90's). If you're anything like me, you immediately wrote the band off once that event occurred ...more

Jason Falkner
Can You Still Feel?
Quick, name the psychedelic, late 80's/early 90's rock band whose debut album featured Jason Falkner on guitar ...more


High energy mix that is bound to light up the dance floor at your next gig... more

The Virgin Suicides: Original Motion Picture Score
If you're new to Air, we'd recommend Moon Safari first. If you're an Air diehards, step right this way.

Jason Falkner
Jason Falkner
If you're new to Jason Falkner, get Can You Still Feel first.

Indian Vibes
We're cruising around SF late one night looking for a place to live when on KALX, Cal's outstanding student run radio, on comes the funkiest, groovinist, sitar driven tune we've ever heard... more