End 2001 - The dot com's have crashed, the economy is going to shit, all our friends are out of work, and some bullshit, fucked-up religious fundamentalists go way too fucking far on 9/11 - our birthday. Good riddance 2001.

Utah Carol
Perhaps, IOHO, one of the most overlooked bands ever. We've spent many a pleasant Sunday afternoon spinning this disc.

The Magnetic Fields
69 Love Songs
This is the disc (or we should say, the 3 disc set) we spin when we're looking for light and airy 3 minute love songs. Steven Merritt does it better than anyone else!

Tim Love Lee
Just Call Me "Lone" Lee
Old Katrina and the Waves keyboardist (don't hold it against him), mixes this slightly lonely and eclectic group of tunes.  The disc closes with three songs (The Goodbye Highway, Sombre Hombre, Go Down Dixie) that are simply the most brilliant tunes we've heard all year!

532 Ann
We're partial to this one, since we released it and all.

Mid 2001 - A lot of travel for us here at the tunefilter, here's what we bring on minidisc for those long flights to Amsterdam  
Incredible Moses Leroy
Electric Pocket Radio
Moses Lero is the shit! He just drips cool! A little 60's style sunny pop, a little disco, some rock. He throws it all in

Sushi Robo
Action Causes More Trouble Than Thought
Just when we thought it impossible to find a classic four piece guy band doing verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus with any kind of originality along come Sushi Robo with texture bent quirky guitar, driving rhythm, and great songwriting. After one listen and a long scratch of the head this became an instant favorite at tunefilter HQ.

St. Germain
Good dinner party and background music.

Kings of Convenience
Quiet is the New Loud
In general, we'll stick to our Belle and Sebastian for those mellower moments, however, Toxic Girl, Failure, and Leaning Against The Wall and worth the price of the disc.

The Sophtware Slump
Yeah, okay, you've heard "the new Radiohead" before.  This album is way better than said band's second album - scary.

The Exciting Sounds of Savo
The Early Years
What, do you expect us to not be spinning our own label's release?

The new Air disc and this coming out in the same month - shoot us now.

10,000Hz Legend
Not as strong as Moon Safari.

A K&D connection (specifically, D), that, while good, doesn't match up to The K&D Sessions.

Belle & Sebastian
Fold Your Hands Child...
Delightful, splendid ... more

Stina Nordenstam
And She Closed Her Eyes
Rediscovering a disc we had when it was first released in the early 90's but lost.  Just as unique today.

Beginning 2001  
gatto rubato
il brutto e il rubato (corto)
A local SF artist who's slightly dark and mysterious stuff goes well with our view on to the lonely intersection of Polk and Pacific on a chill bent, foggy 2AM.

Kid A
Radiohead disc's are becoming a given on the ole 'filter.

Felt Mountain
We're elegantly decked out in our best smoking jacket ... more

Lemon Jelly
Air mixed with some Orb?  Perhaps a little frivolous but a nice listen.

The Beautiful South
Painting it Red
Gotta have the South up here if not at the very least because Hemingway kicked our ass in a game of pool in Detroit.

Kruder & Dorfmeister
The K&D Sessions
Yeah, this was released before 2001, but the addiction has really just set in.