End 2002 - After too many noise compaints from a neighbor, Matt throws in the towel at Kimo's. Here's a tip for said neighbor - if you want Mr. Rogers neighborhood, don't move to Polk Gultch/Tenderloin asshole!
On a bright note - Parkside is now a player! We see Tom (yeah, fuckin' a right, Tom Guido from the Purple Onion) there at a Maybellines show!

Sigur Ros
( )
Same formula, but perhaps not quite as nice as Agaetis Byrjun.

This one is not an easy listen by any stretch of the imagination - even we have a hard time sitting still during the more "experimental" times on this disc (which happen to be most of the disc). But then we hear The Eyebright Buglar or This Magnificant Bird Will Rise and the world is good again. "Bang your head to your favorite song, It's very mechanical"

Waltz for Koop
My god, what happened to jazz? ... more

The Soft Boys
First Soft Boys disc in decades feels almost like the next Robyn Hitchcock disc.

Yeahokayweknow, recommending this disc is about as safe as predicting San Francisco will vote democratic at the next election. All righty then.

Adventures In Foam
Early work from Anton Tobin under the alias Cujo. Similar to Tobin's later work, but we suggest you start with Permutation if you're new to Tobin's electronic, breakbeat, jazz-noir stylings.

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bravery, Repetition, & Noise
If you've been following the 'filter, you know we're keen on BJM. However, if you're new to BJM, don't start here. Anton's new lineup isn't cutting it like when Joel, Jeff, Matt, and Miranda were in the band. Try Give it Back instead.

Mid 2002 - SF is losing live music venues like an Enron exec losing SEC filings (adios Paradise Lounge), but after hearing all of the underground SF artists on MP3.com, we're still optimistic on the local music scene!  
Zero 7
Simple Things
Too bad that French duo beat them to the punch - now they'll forever be branded as the British Air. In fact, some songs (Give it Away, Red Dust) are more Moon Safari than anything Air has written in the last couple of years. No complaints here though! We were jonesing for the goods after 10,000MHz Legend left us a little lacking.

Mates of State
Our Constant Concern
You're new to Mates of State? See them live to get the vibe then go out and buy their first disc, My Solo Project. You like their first disc, then proceed with Our Constant Concern.

Bertrand Burgalat
The Sssound of Mmmusic
A nice recommendation from DJ Gratify that's heating up tunefilter HQ.

Robyn Hitchcock
Jewels for Sophia
Yeah, okay this one's been out for a while, but Mr. Hitchcock just came to town and the tunefilter staff caught the show at The Great American Music Hall and thought we should add this to the list

Beginning 2002 -This year can't possibly be worse than last can it? The good news is that is starts with a new album and live show by The Handsome Family and we're living 50 yards from Polk St..  
Although it's been out for a while now, we've been avoiding this one like a vacation in Detroit.  When it comes to finding new music ... more

The Orange Peels
So Far
We've had this one for a while, but have been neglecting to mention it here.  A little west coast pop sounds from local SF Bay Area band.  A big thumbs up here.

Miranda Lee Richards
The Herethereafter
Slightly spacey, hints of alt.country, but great first release from occasional Brian Jonestown Massacre contributor.  We wind down from a busy day with this and Sigur Ros most every day nowadays.

Sigur Ros
Agaetis Byrjun
Holy shit, when you just need to chill out - grab your headphones, a cocktail, a comfortable reclining chair and you're all set.  Think spiritualized crossed with massive attack crossed with radiohead crossed with air crossed with ... well, you get the point.  more

The Handsome Family
More fantastically haunting alt.country tunes from this midwestern husband and wife duo.  We cried at the sheer beauty when we heard them do I Know You Are There live at the Bottom of the Hill recently.