End 2003 - New releases from our favorite bands come out at the end of the year

Belle & Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Twee-pop, this time with a backbone

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
And This Is Our Music
A slighly different sort of BJM here with more electronica underpinnings and a reflective feel prove to be, IOHO, a perfect evolution for the band/man

HaHa Sound
Delicate, hauntingly dreamy soundscapes punctuated by prickly experimentations

Rob DeNunzio
Nice listen

The Decemberists
Castaways and Cutouts
Gentle, effortless, carefully crafted folk pop

Black Cherry
Goldfrapp goes electroclash, attracting a large new Castro fanbase

The Monolith
Here Comes The Monolith
Impeccable pop songs complete with enough engaging hooks and boy-girl harmonies to bring a tear to the eye of any Elephant 6 aficionado. Amazingly strong first time effort from some SF locals who we had the pleasure of catching at Cafe du Nord recently.

Mid 2003 -  
Up In Flames
Genre bending mash-up rock with lots of moving parts, playing out more like electronica than your average pop song

Alpine Stars
We don't recall the 80s style synths actually sounding this good in the 80s

3am (In Beats We Trust)
Carribbean music for the 21st Century via a British producer

Britta Phillips, Dean Wareham
L' Avventura
Beautifully understated, day-dreamy evocative that leaves you thinking, Luna who?

Think Tank
Slipping after giving Coxon the boot or was 13 just that good? Probably a little of both.

A Demonstration of Intellectual Property
An apt name for the band

The Magic Dragon
Meditative, moody, but borderline montonous downtempo

The Warlocks
The Phoenix Album
Good, solid classic space rock

Arkestra One
Arkestra One
Great, slightly melancholy, downtemp disc

The White Stripes
Never much of a fan when we first heard them back in Detroit, like a fine wine, we think they're improving with age

Beginning 2003 -still getting caught up on a lot of good music released in 2002:  
The New Pornographers
Electric Version
Four stars for four perfect power pop songs: From Blown Speakers, Laws Have Changed, All for Swinging You Around, and It's Only Divine Right

The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot
Three stars for the sheer brilliance of "Are You A Hypnotist?"

Lemon Jelly
Lost Horizons
Flitatious, playful, quirky uptempo downtempo

Melody A.M.
Frosty, filmatic, dreamy Norwegian electronica

Comets on Fire
Field Recordings from the Sun
We caught them live at Thee Parkside, echoplex in full swing generating a wall of pure rage.

Tahiti 80
Wallpaper For the Soul
Airy, upbeat, French pop

In Between
more Jazz coming from electronica programmers and producers

Everybody Makes Mistakes
Really beautiful americana