End 2004 - It takes a presidential election to confirm what we all here in SF suspected: the majority of American's are fricken morons. Well, enjoy managing Iraq for the next four years Alfred E. Neumann. 26 Dec, a massive tsnuami kills about 250 thousand people in SE Asia.

The Dears
The Dears, not exactly known for deep, art-school type rock pull this Pink Floyd/Radioheadesque beauty out from who knows where.

The Volta Sound
Dandelion Wine
First rate chilled, laid back, pychedic grooves. Imagine a group of friends sitting crosslegged on the ground in the living room surrounded by tambourines, maracas, acoustic guitars, and the occasional flute and trombone.

Viva Voce
The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
A tad disappointing after Lovers...

Arcade Fire
Lot of hype around this one, probably worth it

Snow Tires
Neil Young incarnate?

Mid 2004 -  
Kings of Convenience
Riot on an Empty Street
Acoustic guitar and harmonies are nice, but nothing really stands out here

The Magnetic Fields
Wry, bittersweet pop

The Silent League
The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused
Elegant, stylish indie pop, especially Breathe and The Catbird Seat

Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Lonely, ghostly ... you'll be ready to slit your wrists after this one

Viva Voce
Lover's Lead the Way
We went to the Bottom of the Hill to see 20 Minute Loop. Turns out, the other band on the bill, Viva Voce, sounds intriguing so we buy this disc. Wow, we had no idea what we were in store for. Easily best disc of the year.

Zero 7
How it Feels
Allmusic nails it - "Some of the warmest, most mellifluous tracks heard in electronic music since Moon Safari"

Beginning 2004-  
Träd, Gräs och Stenar
Ajn Schvajn Draj
It's been 20 years since this '70s Scandinavian pychedelic rock outfit has made an album, but we stumbled in to the Hotel Utah one evening and happened to catch them on tour supporting this new effort.

Hauntingly, reverb drenched chill

Karminsky Experience
The Power of Suggestion
Perfect downtempo for late nights and last calls

Isobel Cambell
A melancholy, tender, delicate beauty perfect for playing on a drive to the country