End 2005 -

You gotta see this band live

Akron/Family and Angels of Light
Akron/Family and Angels of Light
The Family should play with Angles of Light more often, they make the perfect combination

Can't believe o le' William Taylor's night gig sounds this good

Dengue Fever
Escape from Dragon House
We haven't heard Cambodian rock this good since Rufus brought back the real stuff from his trip through the country

Nous Non Plus
Nous Non Plus
faux French pop

Sigur Rós
Not quite has nice as Ágćtis Byrjun, but how can anything live up to that. Better than () though.

The New Pornographers
Twin Cinema
You'll want this for Sing Me Spanish Techno

Mid 2005 -  
Sufjan Stevens
Come on feel the Illinoise
Amazing, if Casimir Pulaski Day doesn't bring a tear to your eye, check yourself for a pulse. Much better than the hype.

Sufjan Stevens
Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State
Headphones on, steering into the early morning SF fog from the window of the 33 as it goes down 18th, enjoying the quiet solitude of Redford, Say Yes!, Sleeping Bear, et. al. - with ever gentle reminders of our home state and childhood.

Demon Days
Feels like this is more of a Damon Albarn project than the last disc, not that there's anything wrong with that in our book

Midival Punditz
Midival Times
Extremely well done combination of traditional Indian music with dance-floor- and chill-friendly electronica

Beginning 2005 -  
We buy our copy of Hotel at the W Hotel in Times Square.

Architecture in Helsinki
In Case We Die
'Need to Shout' makes this album

Jascha Ephraim
Jascha Ephraim
Strong vocals and lyrics make even this '80s synth-pop enjoyable