END 2016
North Dakota pipeline standoff at Standing Rock
Backward Sun
The onset of winter always seems to get us feeling a little dark and moody, as is often displayed in the music we choose to spin. In 2016 we caught a wave of Dark Ambient, adding the excellent "A Distance of Time" and "Memoir" from this Backward Sun disc to heavy rotation. (Nov '16)
Agnes Obel
Citizen of Glass
Aventine, Obel's sophmore release, was such a great album we were really excited for this follow up. Unfortunately this album falls flat for us. Not nearly as beautiful as Obels' debut Philharmonics, not early as edgy as Aventine. (Oct '16)
MID 2016
Brazil hosts the Summer Olympics
Big Thief
We love this new band and their debut album. The song Masterpiece is a, well, a pop-rock masterpiece. Worth picking up the disc just for that song ... although we also really love Lorraine and Paul, some of the slower tunes on the release. (May '16)
Baris Güney
Düslere Yolculuk
We're still unsure what exactly what nationality this music is, or what the hell type of instrument ole Baris is playing but we've been spinning Göç and Karadir Kaslarin for a while now and really enjoying them. (Jan '16)
Start 2016
Donald Trump takes office
Suicide Songs
We thought 2016 was a relative down year for music. But as the year grew on this album quietly became more and more prevalent in our heavy rotation, especially during those foggy, chilly lonely late nights overlooking the northern Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the same sort of cold damp Northern marine layer wrapped evenings that provided the inspiration for Manchester's MONEY's second full spinner, Suicide Songs. As friends of tunefilter often note, we are drawn to the dark, moody, slit-your-wrist style songs. Well this one delivers in droves. Best album of 2016. Good headphones, strong drink, candles and dark nights required. (Jan '16)
Black Country
Black Country
The "About" section on the group's Facebook page pretty much sums up the vibe of this Ontario, CN band's initial release: "Dark, depressing, & generally negative." We'll add though that it's as hauntingly beautiful as the album art. (Jan '16)