END 2017
The #MeToo movement goes viral snagging Harvy Wienstein, Larry Nassar, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Senator Al Franken, Matt Lauer, Mario Batali and a lot of other powerful men. It has no impact on Trump
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Brilliant debut album from someone with some big shoes to fill. (Nov '17)
The Weather Station
The Weather Station
We love "Thirty", a song by Tamara Lindemanís The Weather Station on their 2017 self-titled (but certainly not their first, but perhaps their best) release. Pitchfork gets it right by calling this song "an immediate stunner". We thought it would be hard for them to top 2016's "Way It Is, Way It Should Be" off Loyality, but this may actually be a little better. (Oct '17)
MID 2017
Chemistry and Math
We love the music and voices of Flunk. Good to see them still at it with this new release. (Sept '17)
Nordic traditional songs meet black metal. (Sept '17)
Start 2017
Beach Fossils
Beach House, Beach Fossils ... we're getting mixed up with all these indie bands with beach in their title ... until we played "Sugar" and "Be Nothing" off this one. Killer songs. (June '17)
Interplanetary Class Classics
Electronic rocking anthems (Vessels, The Rabies Are Back, Glory Hole) sprinkled with space age love ballads (The Strangle of Anna), space-age spaghetti westerns (Theme from Valhalla Dale). (Mar '17)