End 2009


The XX
Spinning this one (Aug '09)
The Exciting Sounds of Savo
Kingdom of Dumpling
Great release.

Mid 2009

The Antlers' Hospice seems fitting for the economy

The Antlers
This set of creepy songs at has really grown on us ... and then we read the lyrics/story. Wow. Best concept album since Hemispheres (Aug '09)
Dirty Projectors
Bitte Orca
Just don't call them a Vampire Weekend sound alike (June '09)
God Help the Girl
God Help the Girl
Phenomonal recording from the Belle & Sebastian leader (June '09)
Cass McCombs
Nice light rock. (June '09)
No Hassle
Chill kings are still putting out good beats (Apr '09)
St. Vincent
Nice pipes (May '09)
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Eating Us
Vocoder friendly super pop. (May '09)
Soft Hearted Scientists
Scarecrow Smile
A disco of demos and outtakes from this great band (May '09)

Beginning 2009

Double digit unemployment and stimulus packages are all the news. We're still taking our music a little on the dark side. Some Noah Georgeson "Find Shelter" anyone?

Carbon Based Lifeforms
World of Sleepers
CBL combines the atmospherice ambient soundscapes of some of the other groups we've been listening to in the last 6 months with some downtempo beats to make a more approachable and easier listen than, say a Biosphere. (Nov '06)
Noah Georgeson
Find Shelter
Here's the scene: the party is cranking and you put in some Noah. Suddenly the speakers leap with a deep baritoned dude singing over a minor key plucked guitar and maybe some other flutes or childrens toys in the background. A cinematic orchestra score sounding like it's being played out of that speaker you put on your car window at the drive in theater. People go running for the doors and/or beg you to change the music. We love it. (Nov '06)
Great Lake Swimmers
Lost Channels
A nice new one from GLS. (Mar '09)
The Handsome Family
Heavy Ghost
A nice new one from The Handsome Family (Apr '09)
Tight Knit
A nice new one (Feb '09)
Speck Mountain
Some Sweet Relief
Beautiful disc in the style of Mazzy Star (Mar '09)
DM Stith
Heavy Ghost
Dark and hypnotic (Mar '09)
Bosque Brown
Lazy drawl americana. (Mar '09)
Other Lives
Other Lives
Beautiful ballad-laden Americana (Mar '09)
Set 'em Wild, Set 'em Free
More goodies from the Akron/Family. (May '09)
Robyn Hitchock & The Venus 3
Goodnight Oslo
We think some of the quirkyiness is lost when Hitchock plays with a group. In this case, the Venus 3 probably steer Hitchock futher towards bluesy and more standard rock songs. (Feb '09)
Midival Punditz
Hello Hello
Less Indian influence in this new one (Mar '09)
The Lovetones
Spinning this one (Feb '09)
Miranda Lee Richards
Light of X
We've waited 8 years for this, the follow up to her brilliant debut album in 2001. The wait was worth it, as Miranda picks right back up from where she left off with her psychedelic chamber folk rock. (Feb '09)
The Phantom Band
Checkmate Savage
Fantastic straight up pop/rock album. There might be one or two throwaways here, but just about all of the songs are strong if not outstanding. Howling and Throwing Bones just rock. (Feb '09)
Lily Allen
It's Not Me, It's You
Bright and shiny pop (Feb '09)
Animal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Experimental rock (Jan '09)
Fiction Family
Fiction Family
Like The Phantom Band, here's another very good straighforward pop/rock album. These guys also cover a lot of ground and are able to blend some radioheadesque and some country/bluesy elements on the same disc making it hang together really well. (Jan '09)
Heaps of layered reverb-drenched vocals on slow country-folk beats gives this disc a sparse and lush sound at the same time. It's simply brilliant. (Oct '07)
We are sneaking in an older (2004) release here, but after getting turned on to Vetiver, how could we resist Espers?
Christopher Bissonnette
The joneing for dark haunting ambient soundscapes isn't out of us just yet - despite all the albums from that genre we picked up at the end of 2008. So, we go back (this one is from 2004) in the catalog and get this one - a disc that's very similar in texture to Biosphere's Shenzhou ...
Robert Henke
Signal to Noise
... and this one, another 2004 pick which is also pretty similar to Shenzhou.