End 2007  
Jane Weaver
Slow developing beautiful songs, with O' To Be In This Land really shinning. (Dec '07)
Bhi Bhiman
The Cookbook
Gotta buy this album just to hear the good ole country yodeling from a SF based Sri Lankan. Seriously, we haven't heard yodeling done this well since Roy Rogers's Sons of the Pioneers. Bhi throws in some reggae and blues inspired tunes, a good ole jazz torch song and a hawaiian uke tune as well, covering just about every old timey music genre you can think of except the sea shanty. (Dec '07)
Valgeir Sigurđsson
nice icelandic atmospheres which are a bit more upbeat than those from Sigur Ros
All Hour Cymbals
pretty nice rock album
Sigur Ros
Hvarf - Heim
buy this disc for the live tunes, esp. Ageatis Byrjun and Staralflur
In Our Bedroom After the War
Solid pop/rock album, but the best tunes are the ones Amy Millian is singing on
Matthew Dear
Asa Breed
decent electronica rock album; buy it for "Pom Pom", an unbelievably good song
In Rainbows
probably a little better than then last couple radiohead discs, certainly not an OK Computer though
Great Lake Swimmers
how midwestern Canadians do mellow, lazy Americana
The Little Ones
Sing Song
perfect pop

Mid 2007

Listening to a lot of Micah P. Hinson and Shearwater on trips to Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore and Thailand

Dean & Britta
Back Numbers
the next best thing to Luna
The Exciting Sounds of Savo
Polk & Pacific
should be no surprise we're spining this
The Good, The Bad, & the Queen
The Good, The Bad, & the Queen
We were wondering Blur would ever come out with another album. While technically not Blur, this album by former Blur singer/songwriter Damon Albarn is closer to his former band's sound (or, where we think that sound would have evolved to) than anything else he's put out - e.g., Mali Music or Gorillaz.
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
This one is harken us back to old eastern europe where we're sitting on a hay bale drinking beer out of a pewter stein.
Micah P. Hinson
and the Gospel of Progress
A number of Sapporos in the belly and a walk through the canal section of Shinagawa at 2AM with this album on the ipod was our equivelant of the scene in American Beauty when that dude is filming the plastic bag blowing in the wind. "The Day Texas Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea" is possibly the most beautiful song ever written.
Micah P. Hinson
and the Opera Circuit
Another nice release from Micah. That said, it's just too tough following up the Gospel of Progress.
The Sex You Hear
a couple of really nice audio landscapes on this one
electronic rock and roll
Palo Santo
Jeff Buckley comparisons, a very consistently, lazy slice of Americana
Young and Sexy
Panic When You Find It
we think some of the accolades thrown at the New Pornographers should instead be directed to this Candian boy-girl band
Peloton EP
Nice, solid debut EP from some SF locals (w/my Adobe HR rep on bass). Killer lead off song, with solid instrumentals, and hints of stereolab.
Carbon Based Lifeforms
World Of Sleepers
ambient soundscapes for sleepers

Beginning 2007

Happy 10 Year anniversary tunefilter. The BigTen Network is launched allowing us to view our favorite football and basketball games here in SF

Akron Family
Love is Simple
tribal, drum banging chaos dissolves to rock anthems then into sweet acapella harmonies
Amy Millian
Honey from the Tombs
Stars singer bests anything from Stars on debut
The Dreadful Yawns
Farm Animals Take a Ride
slow country tinged rock melodies
Taken by Trees
Open Field
Sparse songs of vocals accompanied by simply piano, marimba and/or guitar
Of Montreal
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
Alpacas Orgling
ELO inspired beauties from ex-Jellyfisher
Great Lakes Myth Society
Great Lakes Myth Society
Get your michigan history lesson with some harken-back-to-the-ole-country music.
Great Lakes Myth Society
Compass Rose Bouquet
more great folk pop song
Ice Age EP
Fresno indie rockers whip up their best EP yet
Great Lakes Swimmers
Banjo, strings and harmony laden melancholy lamentations
Robyn Hitchcock
and the Venus 3

Olé! Tarantula
with a band behind him, hitchcock is rockin out a bit more
Apples in Stereo
New Magnetic Wonder
improves after bad couple of initial tunes
Rites of Uncovering
the lonely guitar man wails
Friend Opportunity
most accessible Deerhoof disc to date is indeed a friend opporunity