Hush Kids
Love Is A Made Up Word
Fuck me. Wow is this an incredible pop song. Perfect, sunny guy-girl harmonies. Perfect. (June '18)
Essex Green
Hardly Electronic
Wow, out of nowhere Essex Green, argueable one of our favorites from the 2000ish Elephant 6 collective of killer pop bands, release a new disc. They are right back at it as strong as ever with not only the killer pop songs (Catatonic) but the more pschyedelic, well crafted listens (January Says, Patsy Desmond). (June '18)
Mountain Dust
Seven Storms
We had largely left our stoner rock roots back in the 90s but are enjoying this one. Heavy with hints of metal and progressive rock. We get to revisit a number of our old favorite genre's with this one. (May '18)
Beach House
You know, actually a little underwhelming. (May '18)
Black Book Lodge
Steeple and Spire
Looks like May 2018 is going to go down as a little mini-resurgence of metal/hard rock/stoner rock for us. We're hearing some Queensryche "Rage for Order" influences here with this one. (May '18)
The Dead Tongues
Unsung Passages
What a great find. Nice, mellow banjo, geetar and fiddle Americana at it's best. (May '18)
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Panic Blooms
Not a bad release, but nothing that really stands out. (May '18)
Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik
Not quite sure if I'm listening to some traditional Nordic tunes, sea shanty songs or a viking-based heavy metal genre. In any case, we'll keep listening. (May '18)
Lord Huron
Vide Noir
For us, Lord Huron always held great promise--great production, muscians, a solid songwriting--but never anything to get too excited about. This is sort of the same. Alot to like about this disc, but nothing to drop everything and write home about. (Apr '18)
Mind Over Mirrors
Bellowing Sun
Give points to MOM for combining tribal drumming, ambient electronics and bluegrass fiddle to create the wonderfully droning "Oculate Beings". More kudos for the Jim Morrison-droping-acid era Doorsesqe (albiet with female singer) "Pause to Wonder". (Apr '18)
Cut Chemist
Die Cut
Good drums and bass. (Mar '18)
Jack White
Boarding House Reach
"What's Done is Done" and "Humoresque" are great, great songs. The rest of the album, perhaps not so much (Mar '18)
Amen Dunes
We're a bit of a sucker for anything that comes out of the Scared Bones label. A new Amen Dunes disc? Yes, sign us up. We'll enjoy that mature indie rock sound. (Mar '18)
Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
Sounds like Moby hasn't missed much of a beat. "This Wild Darkness" is certainly the hit on the album. (Mar '18)
The Hanging Stars
Songs for Somewhere Else
How would have thought that some folks from England could make such sweet sounding Americana. Weeping steel guitar and all. (Feb '18)
Boom Boom Boom
Tosca is still writing the same sort of gorgeous downtempo that they were writing in the 2000s ... and it sounds just as fresh. (Feb '18)
Django Django
Marble Skies
We were a little spoiled discovering Django Django at their brillant best with "Born Under Saturn" so expectations were set high ... perhaps too high. But this is a solid Django Django release. Not their best, but better than most peoples best. (Jan '18)
Belle and Sebastian
How to Solve Our Human Problems
Pretty par for the course Belle and Sebastian release. There is an "Everlasting Song" and "Best Friend" are our favorites. (Feb '18)
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Brilliant debut album from someone with some big shoes to fill. (Nov '17)
The Weather Station
The Weather Station
We love "Thirty", a song by Tamara Lindeman’s The Weather Station on their 2017 self-titled (but certainly not their first, but perhaps their best) release. Pitchfork gets it right by calling this song "an immediate stunner". We thought it would be hard for them to top 2016's "Way It Is, Way It Should Be" off Loyality, but this may actually be a little better. (Oct '17)
Chemistry and Math
We love the music and voices of Flunk. Good to see them still at it with this new release. (Sept '17)
Nordic traditional songs meet black metal. (Sept '17)
Beach Fossils
Beach House, Beach Fossils ... we're getting mixed up with all these indie bands with beach in their title ... until we played "Sugar" and "Be Nothing" off this one. Killer songs. (June '17)
Interplanetary Class Classics
Electronic rocking anthems (Vessels, The Rabies Are Back, Glory Hole) sprinkled with space age love ballads (The Strangle of Anna), space-age spaghetti westerns (Theme from Valhalla Dale). (Mar '17)
Backward Sun
The onset of winter always seems to get us feeling a little dark and moody, as is often displayed in the music we choose to spin. In 2016 we caught a wave of Dark Ambient, adding the excellent "A Distance of Time" and "Memoir" from this Backward Sun disc to heavy rotation. (Nov '16)
Agnes Obel
Citizen of Glass
Aventine, Obel's sophmore release, was such a great album we were really excited for this follow up. Unfortunately this album falls flat for us. Not nearly as beautiful as Obels' debut Philharmonics, not early as edgy as Aventine. (Oct '16)
Big Thief
We love this new band and their debut album. The song Masterpiece is a, well, a pop-rock masterpiece. Worth picking up the disc just for that song ... although we also really love Lorraine and Paul, some of the slower tunes on the release. (May '16)
Baris Güney
Düslere Yolculuk
We're still unsure what exactly what nationality this music is, or what the hell type of instrument ole Baris is playing but we've been spinning Göç and Karadir Kaslarin for a while now and really enjoying them. (Jan '16)
Suicide Songs
We thought 2016 was a relative down year for music. But as the year grew on this album quietly became more and more prevalent in our heavy rotation, especially during those foggy, chilly lonely late nights overlooking the northern Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the same sort of cold damp Northern marine layer wrapped evenings that provided the inspiration for Manchester's MONEY's second full spinner, Suicide Songs. As friends of tunefilter often note, we are drawn to the dark, moody, slit-your-wrist style songs. Well this one delivers in droves. Best album of 2016. Good headphones, strong drink, candles and dark nights required. (Jan '16)
Black Country
Black Country
The "About" section on the group's Facebook page pretty much sums up the vibe of this Ontario, CN band's initial release: "Dark, depressing, & generally negative." We'll add though that it's as hauntingly beautiful as the album art. (Jan '16)
Julia Holter
Have You In My Wilderness
Lana Del Rey's '15 release got all the attention, but if you're looking for a lush, reverb drenched disc that takes more risks (and gets more rewards), you need to get this one. (Sept '15)
Alone (Ténéré)
Bluesy, rocky tunes from some Tuereg (Sahara Desert nomadic ) folks. A little droney/repetitive and full of energy in much the same way that Cajun music is, but with Mali/North Africa influences. Solid disc to introduce yourself to this genre. (Sept '15)
Expanding Flower Planet
Quirky, harpsichord ladened, female vocals going from from soothing to grating in the same song. A little hit or miss with some one of a kind unique songs such as Violet Minded. (Aug '15)
Jenny Hval
Apocalypse, Girl
Experimental and critically aclaimed will often lead to music that will clear out a room at a party. But sometimes experimental music reaches moments of sublime that can't be achieved with more conventional arrangements. This has been the case with some of Hval's previous tunes (The Seer comes to mind). In this case though, not so much. That said, this may be Hval's most accessable album to date and her piercing voice, one that is not afraid to hit minor notes, still prevails providing for some moments where we get answers to the question "what would happen if Jenny Hval made a standard pop song?" (June '15)
The Weather Station
This one opens with a soft stunner in The Way It Is, The Way It Should Be. It's the sort of song that makes you realize that you got your money's worth just one song into the listen. Other reviews will glow about the intimacy of the lyrics and soft guitar strumming. We're good with all that, it is a beautiful album after all. But we'll just queue up this album opener when we need that special song that only we know about ... until some motion picture music director discovers it and puts it in their movie to accompany the emotional ending. (May '15)
Django Django
Born Under Saturn
A masterpiece of a pop rock album. We haven't been as excited about listening to every song on a rock album like this since The Stone Roses' first release. (May '15)
The Secret Church Orchestra
The Secret Church Orchestra EP
Soaring falcetto vocals with a lush orchestra backgroup. We love the tune Fatal Soul. (Apr '15)
The Helio Sequence
The Helio Sequence
A solid sundrenched psychedelia album that combines does a nice job combining electronics and traditional instruments in a modern feel. A lot of good songs here, but none that really stand out as heads and shoulders above the others. (May '15)
San Fermin
Similar feel as their first disc, which is to say, great orchestration, the best singers in the business and lots of sonic adventure (Parasites breaks down from a march-like indie song to a hoe down for a brief period). But no bright shinners like Sonsick off their last album to sing along with. (Apr '15)
The Magic Whip
Brilliant new release after some 15 year hiatus or so. This is a perfect come back album showing hints of the same old band but growth and new ideas, the later in the same vein as Albarn's first solo album released just 6 months or so prior. What a treat for fans like us. (Apr '15)
The Alialujah Choir
Big Picture Show
Outstanding initial release full of great Americana songs, often sung in beautiful guy-girl harmonies. Little Picture is in the running for best song of the year. (Mar '15)
Matthew E. White
Fresh Blood
Soft spoken (singing) piano man playing some big soulful tunes. (Mar '15)
Ryley Walker
Primrose Green
Jam band folk with some fantastic acoustic guitar playing. (Mar '15)
Lord Huron
Strange Tails
Very well crafted americana tunes pop rock songs. (Mar '15)
Moon Duo
Shadow of the Sun
Drone on. (Mar '15)
New Waveish, well crafted catch electronic pop tunes. Definitely worth a spin. (Mar '15)
Mount Eerie
Classic Mout Eerie dreary, drab, bleak songs. Did we mention they are wonderful dreary, drab, bleak songs? (Feb '15)
Laura Marling
Short Movie
We love the song Howl on this album. A softly picked electric with some breathy singing over it. That works. The rest of the songs, while beautifully song, played and recorded, didn't connect so much. (Mar '15)
Susanne Sundfor
Ten Love Songs
Electropop meets Disco. (Feb '15)
Father John Misty
I Love You Honeybear
We like FJM's first disc more, but still some decent tunes on this one. (Feb '15)
Solid release from this reincarnation of Great Lakes Swimmers. More edge than GLSand some darkness thrown in there too. (Jan '15)
The Controversy
Don't Count On Me
Well crafted electropop disc that blends agressive edgy tunes with some more tender moments. (Feb '15)
Belle & Sebastian
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance
B&S getting a little discopopy on us on their first disc in a long time. Today is probably one of the sweetest songs they've every written. (Jan '15)
Fantastic Planet
Lovely, lush futuristic soundscapes from a lovely, lush girl who knows how to master a guitar and loop pedal. The album cover does this one justice. (Jan '15)